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Housing Policy

The subject presents the experience of the European countries in the field of housing policy. Knowledge is obtained on the connections between the housing policy and the processes of planning. Skills are acquired for the development of programs and their implementation, and an approach is developed towards the equal treatment in lodging provision. Students work out a housing project as a coursework.

19 B residential area is on the main road to Sofia and only 15 km to the city centre. The detailed development plan offers two options - detached houses in separated plots or different buildings in a complex area.

The village of Bistritsa is located in South-West Bulgaria and is included in Sofia (Capital) Municipality. It is huddled in a small valley at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and is surrounded by century-old deciduous woods. Crystal-clear streams flow through its territory and there are mineral hot-springs not far from it. Village of Bistritsa has old history. Its name was marked in maps of the Second Bulgarian Empire as a fortress. Nowadays it is the prime place for suburban living.

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