World Architecture Day 2017

The International Union of Architects (UIA) representing more than 1 million architects worldwide, announces the theme of the World Architecture Day 2017 “Climate Change Action!”

The threat of climate change is real. Rapid urbanization and building developments are increasing our fuel energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

The UIA supports every initiatives following the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement to combat the impact of climate change on the environment and humanity. It calls upon all architects and architecture organizations in the world to mobilize efforts to respond to these initiatives.

The UIA Members worldwide will, on 2nd October, celebrate their achievements and visions of architecture that is responsible, innovative and enriching communities.

The UIA will participate and support the events in COP 23 (Bonn 6-17 November 2017) and the World Urban Forum 9 (Kuala Lumpur 7-13 February 2018) to promote Climate Change Action!


Image: Biel Susanna + Stefanos Theodorou - UIA/HYP CUP 2014